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In this article, you will learn about web hosting and its benefits. Moreover, we will focus on how to pick the right hosting provider and points to remember before choosing the right one.

What Is Web Hosting?

The process of buying space for web page content is widely known as web hosting. It is the second primary task after buying a domain name for a business. You can not take the business online without web hosting.

Web Hosting Options

Now You have the website name or domain name. You are looking for the best hosting providers on the net.

It could be better if you ask your friends & relatives if they are using one. If they are not using it you can rely on the internet.

Before choosing the right hosting plan you should consider some important points.

First, you should choose a long-term hosting plan for a project or website whether it’s a business site or blog.

Second, you should choose a low-cost plan because it’s not necessary to pay more.

Third & most important, you need to pick the right plan to understand your growth during the upcoming years as an owner or entrepreneur.

Start With Low To Average

You should start with low costing to determine the value of the project. As there could be other important departments you need to invest in.

Web designing, Web Development, Logo Designing, Theme Purchasing, Plugin Buying, Content Building & SEO are the top priorities for a business owner.

Social Media Marketing, Automation, CRM & Advertising are also important for businesses to grow.

Why pay more for things you can have at a low cost?

At least you can buy a low & good hosting plan with one signup. There might be many more options in the market that are available but they are not in use.

I hope you are getting the point correctly. The basics are domain name, hosting & some important add-ons.

Website Type

It’s important to consider website type before picking up any hosting plan. It will increase the chances of paying more for nothing.

You need to check if it’s a blogging website or e-commerce website or simple business website. You will need more strong servers if you are launching a blogging or e-commerce website.

The visitors are could be in great numbers. A simple business website needs fewer visitors so needs to spend less on hosting.

You can still spend a good amount of money on a business website if you want to.


You should consider your budget first because that is what’s more important than anything. If you have a good budget option to spend on, you can pick a good long-term hosting plan.

You know businesses are long-term planning so you should buy long-term hosting plans. It’s important to understand that money should not be wasted but invested.

E-commerce Website

If you are planning to launch an e-commerce website you should buy a plan.

The important factors in e-commerce are adding products, selling, collecting money & tracking.

You can choose third-party services for collecting money & tracking.

It’s very often to have a website ready to launch within a month. So you will choose a hosting plan considering all these.

Also, including Automation, CRM & Advertising could add more efficiency to your services or website.

Business Website

You can choose a single website hosting plan for one year. Where you can host an HTML website or a WordPress website.

You can also add a blog option to this as some businesses do have blogs to read. Five to six pages website with blog pages. A monthly article for a small business website is a good way to start.


It is important to have a good & smooth website for a blogging website. As you can see the visitors are there to read & you are attracting more readers to the website.

You need to have a good design & content-based website. You must follow this for any blog because if the overall experience is not good the ranking will be poorer day by day.

Website Visitors

Can you calculate how many monthly visitors are there on your website?

that sounds impossible because nobody knows the number of visitors who will visit the website during a month.

A company can expect a certain number of visitors, especially an e-commerce company during their marketing plan.

In other words, if you are not planning to advertise you can not plan visitors.

Multiple Hosting

If you are planning to use a single website hosting plan please skip this. Because there are chances that you need more websites to host.

It would be best if you have a hosting plan for more than one website. Let’s consider you have a name in your mind to start an online business.

You can have a website in one week or 2 weeks. You can keep choosing the right name for satisfaction.

The naming process can go up to 1 month sometime. In this process, you can pick 5 to 6 names for your business.

Email Hosting

Pick the hosting plan that includes email hosting free or at no cost.

It is very important to have an email hosting plan for emails. Once you start growing you never know how many emails are coming to you on a daily basis.

It can be 1000+ daily emails if you are using CRM automation.

Simple Interface

You want to manage & develop the website on your own.

You need a simple & friendly interface to run the website.

Choose a hosting where the interface is simply smooth & you don’t need to search the internet or support to ask small things.

In the beginning, you need more time with the backend so keep in mind that you can sort the issue quickly without support help.

SSL Security Certificate

This is a very important feature that you should add to the requirements while purchasing hosting.

SSL is the most valuable feature for any website on one side, it helps to grow with search engines & on the other side, secure from hackers.

If you do not have an e-commerce store or do not collect data like credit cards and other transaction-related data you can easily go for a free SSL security certificate.


One of the free SSL certificate providers is ZeroSSL for a period of 90 days. You don’t need to pay after 90 days but a renewal which is free of cost is the only requirement.