2.27 billions monthly active users on instagram. Social Media platform to the young & passionate users around the world.

Growth Opportunity

Asia-Pacific, Europe, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa & Australia. 70% of Instagram users are below 35 years of age. 1.5 billions instagram total ad audience with all regions. 500 millions daily active users for instagram stories.

High performance marketing methods & Technique for long term.

People with history of discovering or buying new products.

Take care of one dollar spend on ads with budget controlling approach.

You can scale app or at the same time you can create strategy.

Instagram Ads For Apps With Mobile Ad Solution

Loyal User

Most valuable & amazing feature of the platform. Acquiring loyal users are never so easy with any platform.

Brand Value

Big opportunity for creating brand value with social media. Users will buy with positive mindset.

Revenue Increased

Users with actual dollar spend on apps regularly. Expected return on ad spend is 3x to 5x normally.

—– Performance Engine Features —–

84% of users want to discover new products on instagram. People want to buy new products on instagram.

Expand your reach for new users for selling products directly. Re-engage shoppers & find new shoppers.

Strategy recommendable platform for ad manager’s. Create ads for lookalike audiences to find shoppers.

One of the best content engagement platforms for brands. Solution for engagement for all types of products.

Instagram Ads Case Study: Solved

Unlocking potentials of instagram ads for brands. This document guides you to the final path of success.

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