Facebook Ads For Apps

3 billions monthly active users on social media platform. 1.9 billions daily active users with daily log ins. Facebook global advertising audience is more than 2.2 billions.

Growth Opportunity

Facebook Ads offers more flexible targeting with its pixel & much more powerful tracking any other ad platform.

Accurate targeting for app promotion & local user

Track buyers or shoppers with flexibility.

3 billions users all over the world & global launch.

Retargeting for users lost & re-marketing for lost shoppers.

Facebook Ads For Apps with Mobile Ad Solution

App Installs

Launch app install campaign from day one cost effectively . Great way to start a journey of a lifetime.

Performance Focused

Enjoy performance focused marketing with the help of experts. Insights are always available on table.


Amazing platform to transform users into customer. Similarly, taking final step for growth.

—– Performance Engine Features —–

Oldest social networking platform. Users from this platform are more reliable & loyal.

Performance Engine has 14 years experience in Facebook ads. Low cost users are available.

Already faced problem with campaign launching on platform. We are always ready to take off.

Helping brands to pick right performance assets on ads engine. Marketing next gen audience.

Facebook Ads Case Study: The Challange

Our performance engine’s team bringing facebook ads 10x closer. In other words, Focusing on revenue is more oftenly done.

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