BrainTaza – a complete 360° digital marketing agency. A performance marketing engine for mobile apps. We provide a wide range of services in mobile marketing. Our team helps brands & apps acquire users via daily promotional activity. Mobile marketing solution on competitive pricing progressively. Providing services to growing companies in business-to-consumer & business-to-business marketing. Focusing on branding & engagement for long-term success.

Our Team

We are a team of cool & workaholic people. It’s in our values & standards to make our team members more comfortable at work in any condition. Amazing to see all of us are chasing same dream together. BrainTaza believes in equal opportunity & diversity.

Entrusting all employees to respect ethical values & culture. Moreover, to create a conducive work environment for all employees. Setting up ideal work condition is our primary goal. Taking up new challenges to ease of learning & teaching new skills. Knowledge transfer sessions are very promising for growth.

Our Culture

Working at BrainTaza is a very good experience for all employees. Top of the list we specially suggest “work life balance” to all. There are always so many things to do & follow at work space but we suggest to create a balance in daily working hours & life.

It’s important to understand this goal which we should focus & we all as team believe. For us organization is a result of efforts made by all of us. BrainTaza understand & response to each request made it on the base of “work life balance” values. Working should be an 8 hours of affair.