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This article will provide information to beginners or dummies, bloggers, and people with no experience in affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. Affiliate marketing is a business model in advertising where affiliates or publishers get paid by companies for generating traffic. Regarding the most successful way of promoting any product especially online with the help of affiliates. Affiliate marketing is a combined effort of affiliate networks or ad networks, and affiliate marketers.

Social Media Marketing

You can also start affiliate marketing without a website on Facebook and Instagram marketing. Affiliate marketing is 100% legit and worth doing it. You can start with a laptop and a working internet connection that’s all. Affiliate marketing is a real business activity not like a pyramid scheme. You can start learning it free from the internet and make it easier for you to get success.

Influencers Marketing

Promoting with influencers is very challenging. This is also one of the best ways to do affiliate marketing without websites. The interest of followers is keep shifting and it is a new marketing channel. Influencers are very less dependent on the affiliate manager for performance or reports because the platform they are working on has all the features already. Moreover, influencers don’t take any help from the affiliate manager for creatives as they know how to make content and influence people. The creative mindset of influencers can help brands and advertisers in a positive way.


With blogging, you can make money in affiliate marketing. The next level of affiliate marketing with promoting premium products and services from a 3rd party. Sending potential buyers to websites and selling 3rd parties products or services. If want to learn “How to Blog” please visit our blogging articles. On one side, you are building a good relationship with visitors, and on the other side, you are building business relationships with brands, product owners, service providers, and advertisers.

Brands will approach you for making positive statements and share their achievements with customer satisfaction. Product owners will ask you to use and give reviews about the products. Service owners will connect to discuss more valuable and constructive criticism about the services they provide.

The bloggers can directly talk about the business opportunity with an affiliate manager. Any blogger can initiate the process by signing up on an affiliate network. Blog owners should select traffic or inventory type “blogs” for quick approval of the account. Once the account is active they can pick links from the platform to promote on their websites. The affiliate manager can help them select creatives type and tell them which ad inventory is converting for them.

Media Buying

Media buying is the first choice for the beginner to promote some campaigns and earn a good commission. This will surely boost your confidence to invest more money wisely in affiliate marketing. It will help you understand that online money-making theories are real. It depends on the methods you choose for affiliate marketing. If you choose media buying you can get success in less than one month. You should try both, on one side you can pick good offers to run on media buying, and on the other side, you should start building a blog for long-term planning.

Affiliate Manager

The affiliate manager works to find qualified leads like affiliates, blogs, and social media influencers and onboard them on the platform. This includes suggesting the right campaign according to the media buying abilities. In case of the non-availability of the affiliate manager, another affiliate manager or senior affiliate manager will take care of all responsibilities of the affiliate manager. An affiliate manager is an employee of the ad network or affiliate network. The Manager’s responsibilities include accounts, reports, and pushing for business activities with affiliates on a regular basis. An affiliate manager plays a key role in affiliate marketing. The affiliate manager is the only person in the company that directly works with affiliates. Taking care of offers, performance, reports & payments are regular tasks of an affiliate manager.

Affiliate Program

There are many top affiliate programs live in the market but to know top affiliate programs and apply for the same you must search for Google. Additionally, you can search our website for top affiliate programs. You can also check the website or platform on the ad network’s website to pick the best one. It is a very good idea to promote only long-term & big brand campaigns to make sure to work long term. You can also pick any campaign to start with which you think is convertible for you.

Affiliate Commission

As an affiliate marketer, you should discuss the possible payment method with the affiliate manager in advance or before making any campaign live. Payment details should be shared or filled in properly on the business account. The affiliate manager can make any changes in payments according to campaign performance. Payment can be released weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. Moreover, you can ask for an invoice or any recommendation from the affiliate manager.

Affiliate Performance

The dashboard typically sees reports for all the campaigns running by you. You have access to the dashboard with a login and password provided by the affiliate manager. Reports include conversions tracked during a period and the commission you have earned. There will be no data discrepancy in reports and performance of the campaign as all parties are using the same panel or platform for reports. Advertisers usually track reports on the advertiser’s dashboard but can see reports on the affiliate network dashboard as well to check any discrepancies. Advertisers can access the dashboard with a login and password provided by the sales manager of ad-network.

Affiliate Earnings

Payment methods are pre-arranged terms for an affiliate in which ad-network releases payments. This is one of the first things you should do to start affiliate marketing. Creating and defining payment methods is a good practice for business communication. An active payment method is the key to success without any delay.

Payment has a direct connection with the performance of businesses. For the smooth running of the business, funds should continuously flow. This is one of the best and top business practices to follow. Most of the ad networks are paying weekly or monthly.

Some of the ad networks pay in 15 days depending on the campaign performance. It is important to know the payment methods before starting campaigns. PayPal is a highly used payment method that is acceptable all over the world. Some other payment methods are Paxum & WebMoney.