BrainTaza Team

In this article, you will learn about media buying for apps and websites. Addtionally, you will also learn about in-app media buying and Demand side platforms(DSP’s) for pop, push and interstiatial ads.

Website Media Buying

For promoting apps and websites you can use website media buying DSPs to acquire new users. It is best to work on these DSPs in order to get high-quality users with low investment. The agencies and publishers use DSPs because of restrictions to using main media platforms. The minimum deposit for promoting any products or services is 100$ or 100 Euro. You can pay with options available on the DSPs or should contact them before initiating any payment process.

Apps Media Buying

For promoting apps you can use apps media buying DSPs to acquire users. These DSPs are advanced in comparison to other media buying facilities. You can start media buying with a minimum of 1000$ deposit for the promotion of apps. The DSPs are regulated by IAB standards and are in legal contract with you. Using creatives and assets to promote any products or services should be authorized by the brand.

Media Buying – In-App Media – Gaming

There are users in the market that are not available on Facebook Ads and Google Ads. They are not using Instagram for social networking to connect with friends and relatives. How would you like to target those users?

Gaming apps have users that keep playing gaming and do not use other apps than gaming. You can find potential users and target them with premium creatives. Due to its addictive nature users spend more time gaming and less or no time on other apps. Gaming apps provide user acquisition at a lower cost in comparison to in-app media.

The fast and growing world of mobile gaming changed everything about digital marketing, especially mobile marketing, and performance marketing. Most performance marketing agencies do use and make their first choice gaming apps to acquire more users.

The best is to work regularly with agencies and inventories to acquire users in big numbers with instant growth planning. Some top ad networks work with gaming apps to provide growth hacking results and premium users instantly with premium ad copies. Mobile users are very keen to use new apps to try and give feedback. This is the most successful way to retain users in the long term with maximum revenue.


The demand side platform is a platform with media buying ability on CPM and CPC basis. It is further connected with apps and websites to provide media-buying facilities. It provides direct access to buy in-app traffic for the best performance of a campaign. You can directly connect with users to influence them to buy the products or services. DSPs mostly focus on app promotion or mobile advertising but some advertisers do promote websites. The minimum ad spends or minimum deposit is 1000$ in premium DSPs for the first time. You can also work on contracts or agreements if you have long-term planning for user acquisition. Agencies focus on optimizing DSPs to work with other similar apps to provide or drive the best performance for the campaign.