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In this article, you will learn about Search Engine Optimization and its benefits. Addtionally, we will focos on best practices of SEO and SEO Plugins.

What Is SEO?

SEO is a search engine optimization activity for a web page or a combination of web pages in most common words a website. This technique includes a web page connected to the search engine and improves its ranking. It could be relevant to any keyword or keywords. Page indexing relates to queries searched by visitors on search engines. 

Search Console?

Google search console or search console is a Google tool and free of cost. This helps you to interact with users at the beginning of a website launch. When the website is live the pages are simultaneously or at the right time according to the Google search console are indexed.

It helps you to understand the web page structure you are looking to index on the Google search engine. It tells you queries searched by visitors, pages indexed by Google, countries of visitors, devices of visitors, dates, and page positions on web pages. This will further lead the content strategy in the right direction. The relationship is built over time with consistency and improvement.

It will help you step by step for improving web page errors and issues related to search results.

Adding Property Or Website To Google Search Console?

Google Search Console

Yes, add property or website because you can add a subdomain or main domain to the search console. It’s called property while adding a subdomain or main domain or both. Click to add a property in the left top corner of the search console panel.

Keywords vs Queries

Google Search Console – Queries

Most SEO people on the internet are clueless about keyword ranking for the web page. Google uses “Query” as a “keyword” term for Google Ads and in every sense of the word it truly belongs to Google Ads. SEO has nothing to do with keyword or keyword planning. If you work on Google Ads for Search you will tell the Google Ads instrument about the keyword you want to bid on. In other words, You are buying traffic for particular keywords. SEO is not relevant to plan keywords before publishing the content. In reality “Queries” is the right term for indexing a web page.

Search Query

A Search query or a query is a word or a combination of words that users enter in the search bar of the search engine in order to find information. This information could be in the form of a contact number, address, company detail, personal detail & others. This could be on-page information on Google with a rich result or a map location on google maps. Most of the information is available in the form of web pages. The search engine will index all the pages relevant to the search query as its AI model suggests.

Web Page Title

A title or a web page title is a combination of words that define what content a web page contains. This is similar to a home and Its room with different purposes. It is suggested that the title for a web page should not be more than 55 characters or 60 characters. I suggest you go with the density of the title it covers. There is no perfect scale to measure title length for a web page.

Meta Description

The meta description is introductory information about the web page on the search engine. This can or can not be defined by the content providers. If providers did not provide any meta description for the web page the Google robot will take any sentences from the page to be its meta description.

It depends on the query search by the users and the information the web pages have. It could be or could not be relevant to the users to understand the information. This is the first impression or last impression policy basis.

Images Importance

You have beautiful content or articles in the form of text for the users. Have you ever seen a book without images when you were a child? They were offered on the basis of first-hand information purposes. These days are more competitive in nature and could lead to more creative ways of doing product marketing.

It is important to add value to the content for the best user experience. On one side, you want the content to be more attractive, on the other side, you want the user to understand the content more easily. It is important to add images to the content where you can provide information to the users.

Decorative Images

Decorative images are images that are added to posts or articles for decorative purposes. These images can put more impact on viewers’ minds and get instant attraction from them as well.

The sole purpose of the decorative images is to make the post or articles look good and beautiful. You can also use memes for impactful content marketing to grab attention. Remember, the content should not be devalued because of decorative images.

Also, it is not important to add decorative images to each and every paragraph. This could destroy the overall performance of the user experience. You should also use high-end decorative images or can add those after gaining some viewership.

Illustrative Image

The images provide more information like diagrams, charts, reports, and other details relevant to the topic. You can add images to the articles or posts on the basis of headings and subheadings. It is best practice to use more informative images to make the reader understand the solution you are looking to provide. These images have a direct connection with information-providing articles. It is a good idea to create clear and sound images for the post. Diagrams, charts, and reports should be clear in view. Images layout should be in the right direction for accurate information. The relationship should be more clearly mentioned in the images otherwise it will create doubt than add knowledge.

Video Importance

Although a difficult task to complete to attract more users. Why do users come to your content apart from the search engine referral? It is the first interaction between your content and the user. What is the most important thing to retain users? Why do they stay on the web page for a long period? Adding information & images is done. What else you could do is add a video to the post. This will improve the content value in a positive way.

Article Length

Article length is one of the challenges that authors do face today. It is more important to provide 100% useful information than to provide 100% information. Article length can go from 500 words to 2500 words. This is not necessary to publish longer content in the beginning. A small article contains useful and to-the-point information.

You can start publishing content with 500 words and later add more valuable information for the readers. It is better to add 100 to 200 words on a weekly basis than to publish long content in one go. You should provide references while supplying information to the readers.

Internal Links are very important for the authors to add at a specific place after the paragraph or sentences. You will find a specific place when you read the articles or posts yourself. Why would you provide an outside reference when you have an in-house reference? Similarly, you can provide the link to the web pages that belong to you. It is not a good practice to provide other website links to readers when you have the information already.

You have a visitor on the website to read the article. You have a good entry point for the visitors now you should focus on creating a good exit point for the visitors. Now, you are providing information about a job portal. You have provided each and every piece of information about the platform. What if you are not providing the website link? The user will go to Google, search for the job portal, and will visit the website. The next time visitor will directly open the website of the job portal. This will break the relationship between the user & content. Making the content useful is one different thing and making it helpful is great.

Paragraph Length?

This is the suggestion to write short & useful content for users. This is not necessary to always follow the same rules but to take care of this from the user’s point of view. The user will ignore the content right away to a long paragraph with no solution or where the information is useless. In this fast and quick environment providing more information in fewer words is important.

It is best to give spaces in every line and make the paragraph 1 to 2 lines with proper spacing. We are focusing to make the content more reasonable. The paragraph should be written in a manner that will charge the visitors right away with short pointy lines. It does not mean shortening the content will attract more users. The idea is to be sensible while sharing information with the users.

SEO Plugins

As you are new to SEO and don’t have any experience in past indexing. You should work with SEO Plugin to start and have good practice to follow. There are many plugins in the open market to use as SEO plugins. You must pick one of the best to work with. If you have good experience in SEO you can still use this plugin for a quick decision on content management in regards to SEO.

AIOSEO is one of the best plugins for WordPress websites. It has everything to start, learn, implement & test with. The best thing about this plugin is, it’s very simple to use & test. You can check so many errors in one place & correct them right away.