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In this article, you will learn about Email Marketing and its benefits. Addtionally, we will focus on important points to remember before launching any email campaign.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a consistent activity of engagement with potential leads, typically using a list. This can be divided further into different marketing proposes. This can be done manually or with the help of automation as the list can be long.

Product Launch

Companies are using email marketing campaigns when launching a new product.

It is a very good business practice to send information to customers about the product launch.

It is good business ethics if you can include any image from the catalog or add a simple template.

You can also offer some gifts to loyal customers as they trust you more than anybody else in the market. Now, you can pay them back to build more trust.

Also, they will surely discuss with friends and relatives about the product launch. The marketing efforts should be counted as either influencing the mind or the pocket.

Impactful Campaigning

Launching a new email campaign with fewer words and more content in the email is a very good beginning.

Remember, creating more engaging and eye-catching content for the viewers should be the only goal. Making an impression in the first interaction is challenging but difficult.

Use in-build templates for simple and quick campaigning. You can find templates in the marketing platform you are using.

Always remember you are not writing a business proposal for clients where you need more and more details. It is a good idea to create images and gifs to make the campaign more impactful than useful.

Email Marketing

In common words, email marketing is used in various places to engage with customers or businesses.

Most of the companies in the market use this term in regard to emailing customers. Email marketing is different from selling directly to customers.

You can not sell anything on emails without discounting. This is a very direct business dealing and chances are higher to get rejected.

Most email marketing companies make the same mistake to find a better subject line to pass spam only.

Email marketing is very much different from any marketing approach in the market. You have direct contact with the customers.

What else do you need?

You can always influence the list with in-mail content or content available on the website. It is one of the very good practices in email marketing for engaging customers.

Data Collection

There are many steps in email marketing to follow before discussing opportunities with customers.

Writing articles, following the best SEO practices, creating visitors’ journey, and Email Collection this is the process that you follow for a better business approach. Also, this is the best business approach everyone must follow.

In-mail content

In-mailing content is the main part of email content usually a creative image or one-liner comment or meme for quick attraction.

Content usually contains eye-catching subject lines with banners or creatives in the email’s body part. The in-mailing content attracts the users in first impression and users instantly visit your website.

Food delivery apps like Zomato use In-mail content to drive installs, orders & selling of premium subscriptions. Dunzo also uses this technique to grab the attention of its users to sell quickly.

Emailing Campaigning

Creating an appealing and engaging emailing campaign is always a big task for a marketing person.

No doubt it is business to business campaign or business-to-consumer campaign it is difficult to create.

To create a compelling campaign you should learn the way to write attractive emails for readers.

They should like your writing and the way you are looking to connect with them. Everything is very clear in the mail and they still thinking to reply you back or visiting the link you have provided in the mail.

How to write important mail content according to the readers is still very difficult but not impossible.

B2B Emailing

In b2b campaigning we never write direct selling queries to clients. We only ask them to visit our website to read, reports and case studies.

You can also ask them to visit websites for reading useful and helpful content. These emails are sent on a monthly basis to a group of people related to the same companies.

You can also create a list of different profiles for different companies to send emails to. In this way, you are engaging with the company and its employees to discuss any business requirements.

B2C Emailing

In b2c campaigning, you can sell directly as you will see lots of emailing to customers with different ads.

New launch, new categories added & other value added to the stores in case of an e-commerce website or app.

There could be more engaging emails sent to customers in order to sell or ask them to order. The gaming category is the only category that is not relevant for email marketing.

The users are very much attentive and active in the apps. It is useless to send emails to ask them to engage.

Although it will put a very bad impression on the brand if you keep emailing them for nothing.