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In this article, you will learn about entertainment apps. Further, we will discuss about world’s top entertainment apps and its future prediction.

What Are Entertainment Apps?

Entertainment apps are basically those apps with video content. User engagement is less than normal in terms of less use of fingers. Gaming apps have more engagement than entertainment apps. Most entertainment apps have less or no engagement at all. That includes Movies, TV shows, Web Series & Simple gaming apps.

Entertainment Apps Data

Android & iOS Entertainment apps data worldwide. According to AppBrain, a total of 144563 apps are published in the entertainment category for Android. According to 42Matters, a total of 68111 apps are published in the entertainment category for iOS.

They are less addictive apps compared to gaming. More often people use these apps only when new content is coming or they want to watch an older one. There is nothing other than the main content in the app. So I can not keep using the app day & night.

The most popular entertainment app is Netflix as it has 1 billion downloads. Netflix has around 222 million paid subscribers in the world. Launched in January 2007 has a worldwide presence aside from Mainland China, Syria, North Korea, and Russia. There are other entertainment apps like Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, Tencent Video & iQIYI.

Other entertainment apps include HBO Max & Discovery+, Youku, Paramount + & Showtime & YouTube Premium. The app has a prime focus on entertaining people or users. This could be done by focusing more on entertainment than the main content.

OTT Platform

This is a very vast category to focus on as an app analyst. Majorly, including OTT platforms, Music Apps, Money making apps & simple gaming apps. The most common apps are from these 4 categories. Paid music apps are dominating the entertainment market. But there is nothing to say more about except OTT platforms. They are the ones driving the main revenue for app publishers.

OTT platform Netflix has around 1B+ downloads. It’s a globally running app for almost every country except Mainland China, Crimea, North Korea, Syria, and Russia. There are also other apps that users like to watch & spend time on. Amazon Prime, Hulu & Disney Hotstar are a few names that made their mark in the industry.

OTT Content Marketing

To talk about more OTT platform content is king. Most of the content is gray in nature and means selling blood, adultery & abusive language. Hence, studios making original content for 18+ audiences to keep connected. Also not to lose users because of no content or less original content.

Adding movies, tv shows & music videos for re-enjoying moments. Original content keeps you alive in the OTT market. Artificial intelligence plays a big part in users’ engagement on a genre basis. Suggestions for old & new content with recent local activities.

One of the great features of OTT platforms is web series. Web series are mainly part of Original content. The Internet felt empty without entertainment content before OTT. Hence, the services of these apps are subscription based. Some of the free players are also holding users’ positions in the market. MX Player is the one OTT player that holds the position of users with free content or no subscription content.

OTT platforms sell content at premium prices. If we talk about Amazon & Netflix they are big players setting the rules of the games. The content is well marketed for limiting entertainment with high expectations. YouTube was the first company to launch subscription-based Movies & High-quality music. It failed due to marketing channels relying more on AI.

More players are coming with new or regional content. Users have positive expectations from OTT platforms only for entertainment. VR could be a game changer in the future market. Personalized products & services could lead to new opportunities.

Building & Distributing

Building content is more challenging when you have a global audience. Its prime focus is to entertain all users with one content. Global content is now distributed all over the world. People love to watch if the content is valuable. OTT platforms focus on content distribution with marketing channels.

Limited Entertainment

They are not showing the content in one go if they have it. They are limiting the reach or delaying content to have more users to watch. Most of the time they focus on new users. Targeting new users with new content. The content in the bundle amount will lose its value.

High Expectations

Building web series & focusing on franchise movies business. If the first part of the season is good the next season is anticipated or awaited. So the people with more expectations are likely to retain the app for a long time.

In Built Marketing Content

The dialogues, scenes & reference is used for marketing. People will discuss while sharing their experiences after watching the content. The gap will do the rest in the seasons & franchise movies. People do word-of-mouth marketing of content with friends & relatives. So they are likely to buy the content to give it a try.

My Talking Tom Friends is the most popular entertainment app gaming. It has more than 100 million downloads at the play store alone with 4.3 ratings. It has 3.07 million reviews on it. Children at the age of 3 can play this game very easily.

Duolingo is the most popular entertainment app in education. It has more than 100 million downloads with 4.5 ratings at the play store. It has 13.7 million reviews on the play store with 3 years + rated.