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In this article, you will learn about mobile advertising and its benefits. Addtionally, you will learn how to start with mobile advertising and things to remember.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile ads or mobile advertising is a form of advertising on mobile devices. Especially, in-app advertising for apps and web advertising for apps.

The Growth

Mobile ads significantly increased in the last couple of years. Mobile penetration and users spending time on mobile devices have increased.

In advertising, mobile-only or mobile-first advertising is growing since most internet users in the world shifted to mobile or shifting to mobile. On one side, internet users are shifting to mobile platforms, and on the other side, companies are creating mobile apps or mobile-friendly web pages.

Also, users with desktops still want to buy through mobile for the best selection, tracking & payment.

Mobile Analytics

The range of mobile analytics platforms in the market has increased. They are the actual solution providers and build trust with their ability to understand the goals.

The availability of app data is increased and access to it is more comfortable these days.

Data is changing and suggesting users are changing behaviors and using mobile very often. The growing number of mobile users has changed brands thinking to launch mobile apps and onboard users.

It is smart selling if the buyers are on mobile you need to manage to sell on the device. Now, companies and brands have access to more data of users to understand their behavior for future planning.

All departments rely on mobile data or mobile analytics to make brands strategy in order to win the competition.

Mobile Payment Solution

The other main element that has changed users’ thinking to shift to mobile is payment options. For web buying or desktop buying, you need to take care of cards and put other details again and again.

In mobile especially app you need to check once and pay instantly. Govt of India introduces UPI payment options to increase digital payments with security and other availabilities. It has changed everything in the market.

Buying and selling were never so easy before this innovation.

How to Start Mobile Ads on Google?

Google for mobile ads is one of the best ad solutions for companies and brands. The platform has everything to learn and implement for long-term success.

For successive Google ads planning you should learn how to start and where to start.

Best Practices?

You can run any campaign on Google ads with a good marketing plan. You should learn some tips to understand its strength and weakness.

The best practice can provide the best results and you can experience the best learning methods. Making a road map for marketing goals is one of the best practices.

Mobile App Type?

You should start creating the app marketing tool kit to understand everything. First, take note of what kind of app you want to promote on the Google platform.

It will help to create a marketing strategy to get more users for a particular app type. Food apps are totally different from Gaming apps.

In food apps, people download, select the food type, make an order, and select the payment option. In gaming apps, they will download especially a larger files could be around 500 MB, and check its features and other things you to decide.

What Is Display Ads?

Display ads in Google refer to display ad banners to viewers via the Google display ad network. This is one of the top 5 five categories Google ads have.

As you know google ads provide the best option for mobile marketing. It has video ads, search ads & play Store search ads with other useful options.

You can select any option to start with and select all of them for testing and performance.

Converting Ad Copies

You can always write converting ad copies. Remember, if you are not running a brand awareness campaign please use converting ad copies for users to take action instantly.

If you pick the wrong ad copies or lazy writing you will end up wasting the testing budget. Always write copy for global audiences or audiences that you are targeting. Mix your ad copies with different writing and not focus on one type of audience.


Writing ad copies is important similarly, creatives are also important for ad campaigning.

Picking up the best creatives is very challenging sometimes.

It is best practice to follow platform ad standards and IAB ad standards to create a beautiful ad experience for viewers.

You can always select simple creatives with clear and clean ad writing.

Budget Division

You should always divide the budget for all types of advertising in Google ads. Search, Display, Video, and Apps considering the budget for all types is best practice.

Please take approval for all types of advertising with one good projection.